January 19, 2018

Travel Team Program


OCP High School Player: Nike Gear Package Registration Form


15u – 18u OC Premier High School Summer Program

Our High School Program is geared for all types of players and levels. We will play in regional showcases/ tournaments / Scrimmages. Some of our events will be invite only and expect the players to play when they are invited. We will not charge any monthly fee’s for the HS Program. It is a pay as you go program and you are only responsible for what you attend. You will ultimately get as little or as much as you want from our program. If you want more games you will get it!! If you want more college exposure you will get it!!

Current number of teams forming for Summer 2018

  • (1) 18u Team- Connie Mack
  • (1) 17u Team (s)- Showcases/Games/Tourneys
  • (1) 16u Team (s)- Showcases/Games/Tourneys
  • (1) 15u Team (s)- Showcases/Games/Tourneys

Summer Details

  • Starts May 15th- Ends January 31st
  • Program is extremely flexible for the busy student athlete. We have an A-La-Carte Approach.
  • All Players that want to be slotted to play in any events and or practices have to sign up with our Nike Uniform Package. $125.00 (  Two jerseys/ Hat/ practice Shirt)
  • All Players must also pay an Annual Season Administrative Fee. This fee will cover all the administrative costs to run the HS Program.   This fee is $150.00 (Fields/Balls/Insurance/Admin)
  • I expect quality communication. I understand players play for multiple teams so please respect the time it takes to create and run effective schedules.
  • All Practice and Game Availability will be sent out weekly in a Google Forms Sheet. All Games and Practices will have separate fee’s attached to each. You are only responsible for what you attend.
  • All Tournaments/Showcases/Games will also have a separate fee as well.

Summer Events

  • College Invite Games
  • USA West Championships 14/15/17
  • Firecracker 15/16/18
  • Team One  15/16/18
  • Perfect Game Events
  • College Team Camps
  • Scrimmages
  • Long Beach Showcase Underclass
  • AABC State Tournaments

9u-14u OC Premier Youth Program

The goal for O.C. Premier’s youth teams is to provide a sound learning environment that will increase the knowledge and skill level for each player. We will challenge our players to develop an advanced approach to both the defensive and offensive element of the game. We will instill responsibility for self and each other thus adhering to the Team First Concept.

O.C. Premier’s  staff will require their players to be accountable for all of their actions on and off the field. Each player has a different personality and style and our coaches will work the style that best suits each individual within the team. O.C. Premier’s staff will focus on playing the game hard. Each player needs to maintain a positive attitude, optimum effort level, high energy and confident body language. Our coaches believe in nurturing the mental side as well.

Our teams will be put in an environment that will help them develop as a player. We strive to get all our teams to play at the AAA/Major level.

Teams Available – Spring 2018

  • (1) 14u Major Team- Tournaments/Scrimmages
  • (1) 13u Major Team- Tournaments/Scrimmages
  • (1)  13u AAA Team- Tournaments /Scrimmages
  • 2018 Late Spring into Summer
    • Expected Tryouts for New Teams 10u/11u/12u

Youth Events

  • AAU
  • Xtreme Diamond Sports
  • USA Baseball
  • CCYB
  • Scrimmages