January 19, 2018

About Us

The O.C. Premier Baseball program can meet all your needs. We provide one on one instruction, team instruction, video analysis on hitting, clinics and camps. Students are able to start attending camps and taking instruction at six years of age. O.C. Premier Baseball has been instructing students and conducting specialized camps since the fall of 2005.

We know that youth baseball is one of the largest growing industries all over the United States, especially in Southern California; the hotbed of baseball. We want to make sure every young player that has aspirations of becoming a high school varsity star, college recruit and draft prospect is given all the knowledge to make the best decisions in their baseball career.

In the Summer of 2009 we were pleased to introduce our OCPB youth program. We offer a well balanced, instructional program of OCPB Teams from ages 10 to 18. Our teams are based out of North Orange County and program that strives to make kids and young adults the best they can be. We teach the student the right way to play the game and how to conduct themselves on and off the baseball field. The tutelage that OCPB provides is second to none. Every instructor maintains a high level of excellence and credibility.

Get ahead of the game now and make your son the best he can be! We expect the OCPB Youth Program to be the premier program and instructional experience in Orange County.