February 23, 2018

OC Premier Alumni Updated List

OC Premier Alumni

2020 HS Graduating Class

Christian Rodriguez- Orange Lutheran HS/University of Miami

2019 HS Graduating Class

Jonathon Guzman- Orange Lutheran HS/San Diego State University

Kyle Ashworth- Foothill HS/Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

2018 HS Graduating Class

Troy Melton- Canyon HS/San Diego State University

Otto Kemp- Troy HS/Point Loma Nazarene University

Jacob Ota- Canyon HS/ University of Puget Sound

2017 HS Graduating Class 

Jake Lopez-Villa Park HS/Long Beach State

Max Lyster- Troy HS/Occidental University

Cole Pofek- JW North HS/UC Riverside

Trevor Lukkess- Foothill HS/ Ohio University

Max Miller- Yorba Linda HS/Cal State Northridge

Connor Montgomery- Canyon HS/ Northern Illinois University

Nick Sova- Canyon HS/Irvine Valley College

Hayden Prahl- Yorba Linda HS/Santa Ana College

Trevor Worden- Foothill HS/Santa Ana College

Beau Turner- Canyon HS/Irvine Valley College

2016 HS Graduating Class

Aaron Simpson- Servite HS/ University of San Diego

Omar Myzel- La Mirada HS/CSU San Bernardino

Shawn Dumser- La Mirada HS/Hope University

Austin Ruiz- Diamond Ranch HS/Azusa Pacific University

Jimmy Endersby- Orange HS/ Cal State Fullerton

Dillon Brown- Foothill HS/Cal State Fullerton

Cole Spear- Orange Lutheran HS/UC Irvine

Micah Pries- JSerra HS/Point Loma University

Andy Martinez- Cypress HS/Santa Ana College

2015 HS Graduating Class

Jarren Duran- Cypress HS/Long Beach State

Dylan Doherty- Foothill HS/Cal Poly SLO

Andrew Mendonca- Santa Margarita HS/Chapman University

Brandon Vogel- Villa Park HS/ La Verne University

Sam Eggenburg- Yorba Linda HS/Orange Coast College

Austin Reynolds- Canyon HS/Irvine Valley College/ Concordia University

Brandon Chambers-Canyon HS/ Irvine Valley College

Derek Reilly- El DOrado HS/Santa Ana College

Connor Hillburn

2014 HS Graduating Class

Brian Schales – Miami Marlins 107th Overall Pick ( Summer 2013)

Chris Prescott- Canyon HS/  Cal State Fullerton

Dillon MiYahsiro- Santa Margarita HS/Azusa Pacific University

Tyler Place- Troy HS/Cal State San Marcos

Andrew Ramos- Orange HS/Santa Ana College

2013 HS Graduating Class

Trent Paddon- Yorba Linda HS/University of Oregon/Cal State Fullerton

Tyler Alamo- Cypress HS/ Chicago Cubs 24th Round Draft Pick

Austin McGeorge- Canyon HS/ Long Beach State/ 2016 NY Mets 7th Round Draft Pick

Dalton Frize- Orange Lutheran HS/St Mary’s College

Joe Van Marter- Canyon HS/Cypress College ’14-’15/ Houston Baptist

Brad Rinehart- Orange Lutheran HS/Cal Baptist

John Montgomery- JSerra HS/Eastern Michigan

Mario Losi- Canyon HS/Valpraiso University

Matt Hammonds- Orange Lutheran HS/Sonoma State ’14-’17 / 2017 Baltimore Orioles Draft Pick

2012 HS Graduating Class

Tanner Bily- JSerra HS/ UC Davis

Trevor Charpie- JSerra HS/University of Nevade Reno ’16-’17 / 2017 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Free Agent Signee

Troy Baird- Canyon HS/Santa Ana College / Azusa Pacific

2011 HS Graduating Class

Jonny Miller- Canyon HS/UC Davis ’12/ Cypress College / Youngstown State

Parker Starr- Canyon HS/Cypress College / BYU

2010 HS Graduating Class

Pierce Bily- Orange Lutheran HS/ UC Irvine / Cypress College/ University of Tennessee

2009 HS Graduating Class

Joey Boney- Canyon HS/Cypress College / LMU

Alex Najera- Canyon HS/Pepperdine University

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